Edorsements – Mike Sodrel for Congress

“Mike Sodrel is a proven conservative. I look forward to working with him in Congress to fix this disaster caused by Pelosi and Biden’s wrong decisions and policies.” – Congressman Jim Banks

“We need to elect tough conservatives like Mike Sodrel who will stand up for everyday Americans by taking on Pelosi and the hard left. Mike Sodrel is a real conservative from the real world. I hope Indiana’s 9th District voters will send Mike to join me in Congress.” – Congressman Jim Jordan

“I am proud to endorse Mike Sodrel for Congress. Mike is a successful small business owner, and I believe this sets him apart from the other candidates. He is a problem solver who genuinely understands what businesses need to get the job done. Mike is a patriot who embodies Hoosier values, and I believe there is no one more qualified to represent the 9th District in Washington.” – Jeff Cardwell

“I don’t vote for you the last time but I SURE WILL  this time. My friends and I  LOVE this way of thinking it’s ABOUT TIME someone takes the proper stance. Thank you very much!” – Ray Sease Sr.

“Mike the respect of the community is earned. That is what you have done with your business and all of the community work that you and your company have done. You are the working man’s representative.” – Bobby B.

Endorsed by James Lewis Olin, Henryville Indiana

Total Endorsements: 103 & counting!

Citizens and public figures all over the 9th District are showing their support for Mike Sodrel for Congress. Join the movement today to put an experienced veteran, business owner, and conservative in Congress.

We like mike

Hear What Real Voters Are Saying

Mike Sodrel, an honorable man. I grew up with my dad working for The Sodrel family, his grandfather, his father and then Mike. Mike has my full support. He is experienced in government and will be a great representative!!

Mark S.

It would be my wish that you could win again to represent our district.  Congratulations for putting your “hat in the ring.”

Thomas R., Jeffersonville

Voted last time you served and shall do so again. Nice to see experience.

Danny J., New Albany

This just made my day!!! We have supported you in the past and will be proud to support you now! Great man and great congressman.

Scott S., New Albany

Mike Sodrel is a true patriot! I worked for him, I know he cares and will make life better for us!

Douglas W.

You have to be a saint to want to go up there and fix that mess. But I will definitely vote to send you. Thank you for your service sir.

Chris C. , New Salisbury

I will be doing all I can to get Mike elected . A good man .

Barbara H., Georgetown

Great to hear you are running  as a conservative for Congress!  Good luck!

Nancy C.

Mike you have my support and thank you for wanting stand up for what is right and needed for this great nation. And thank you for being a great friend to my family.

Ronald R., Jeffersonville

You have our vote Mike, we trust you to use your experience to Make America Great Again

Jeff C., Bloomington

You were on the right track when you were our Representative. You will pick up where you left off and kick some butt for the 9th District!! Good luck!!

Jeff L., Scottsburg

Mike Sodrel I voted for you last time and I will agin this time!! You did great the last time!!

Jeremy B., Scottsburg

Great man! You’ve got my vote!

Carol E.

Mike, you will get my vote, and if I could give more I would do it! You are the best!💯

Shirley Q.

More Endorsements for Mike Sodrel

Antone A.

I am glad your running again. You have my support.

Alan H., Greenville

That’s what I’m talking about  ! Good luck Mike !

Andy R.

I hope that you are really trying to do what is right!!!! There is to many people in trying to destroy America!!!! I truly pray that you are in it for all the right reasons!!!!

Angie R.

After meeting you recently and reading your book..you have my full support Mike!!

Brad F.

I first met Mr. Sodrel when I first went to work for his company. 3 days after uprooting and starting to work for him he came out and personally greeted me and thanked me for moving to work for him.

This simple gesture of humanity made me respect him, plus the numerous small side conversations about life and personal problems of mine, have given me a new prospective on life. He has the mind set and personal values that will shed light and bring prospective and reality back to Washington.. Thank you, Mike Sodrel, for being a leader all can look up too. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to better myself and give me a better life.. I am very thankful I made the decision to move to the Hoosier state and work for your family’s company

Betsy H.

“Hi” Mike. I like your no mustache look and your views. You have our votes! Things are getting really scary.

Betty A., New Albany

Great news.

Barb M.

You are a great guy for the job, Mike! I wish you were in our district, You’d definitely have Howard and my votes! God Bless!

Becky R.

Just recently seen Mike thanked him for all the family memory’s. He will do great things he always has. Vote for Mike Sodrel!

Barbara B.

Voted for you before, will vote for you again. Good luck!!

Beany S.

You guys already know how I feel about Mr Mike Sodrel. He’s not a politician He’s a businessman. You know like Donald Trump he’s a businessman. We need to run this government like a business. Which Mike will do. Please give him your support because you know that’s what our Hoosiers need. The businessman to represent all of us

Barbara H.

I will vote for you and come get some signs to put in yards.

Betty B.

Don Bilbrey remembers you when growing up and wishes you success with your campaign!

Cindy K., Milltown

You have my support Mike!

Clint S.

You have my vote again sir.

Connie D.

Best of Luck Mike!

Carol D.

Go mike.

Charles C.

Congratulations, you have my vote

Danny W.

You have my vote.

Diane H.

He’s a good man, we need men of integrity in Congress. He has my vote.

Darrell S.

Wishing you the best

Dave C.

Glad to hear he’s running again… Thank God!

Denise M.


Dave S.

Thank you sir for running

David S.

You have my vote, where are your trucks lately on the highway? I used to see them all the time.

Dennis W.

Thanks for visiting us here, the Purdue Dearborn County Extension office 229 Main Street, Aurora, IN 47001.

Doug and Sheila Z.

Love Mike Sodrel and his daughter…was elated to hear a real statesman is back! We hope to see you soon–GO MiKE!

Debbie R.

I worked as a lawns keeper he and his wife were good to work for. My husband Larry worked in the shop on the trucks and busses. He gets my vote.

Debbie W.

Hopefully you get elected!!

David C.

All my best I hope you are successful.

David F.

Yes!!!!! Elect!!!! Mike!!!

Don W.

Go Mike!

Donald G.

It’s about time you ran again! Glad to see it Mike! Hit me up if you need volunteers in Seymour and Jackson County!

Debbie & Bob H.

You have our vote!

Ed U.

Mike you have my support !!!!!

Earline C.

Your ad on radio sounded great good luck. You will have my support even though I’m republican. Good luck.

Greg F., Georgetown

My friend you are looking good. Go get ’em.

Gerrie P.

Good for you Mike, I will be voting for you.

Helen G.

Mr. Sodrel, get the people in Washington & the President to get our oil well’s running again for our country . We don’t need fir him to be sending our money overseas when we have plenty resource’s right here in our own country. Thank you in advance.

Henry G.

You have my vote

Joe C.

In the words of Gregg Garrison – “Mike Sodrel is as strong as a garlic malt”. That’s all you need to know. Wish he was my rep!!!

Joan H.

Congratulations Mike! Good news!

John L.

It’s about time

Jim N., Jeffersonville

We need you back!

John P.

Go Mike!

Jeanie H.

Great to see you Mike!

John A.

Mike is a man of integrity. He will do the job right, no one owns a successful trucking company without it.

Jeremy B.

Mike you can put a Sign in my yard if you want.

Ken B.

You got my VOTE!!!!

Lois F.

U got my vote Mike! Best of luck to you. When u r elected remember the seniors on social security

Kelly R.

Great to see you going strong! We need you in Washington!

Kellyanne C.

Mike Sodrel is a proven conservative. He’s pro-life and a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. He leads in the polls in the race for Congress in the 9th District. Mike will fight against the harmful liberal policies of Biden and Pelosi. I support Mike Sodrel because I know a fighter when I see one.

Linda R.

I hope Mike Sodrel wins for Congress being in the Army National Guard and a conservative businessman. Thank You for your service.

Leo H.

A rare commodity in politics today. A politician you can trust, is sincere and is nice. Congressman Banks is a breath of fresh air. Another reason to vote for Mike Sodrel.

Linda W.

My nephew knows Sodrel well. I’ve only heard the best about him he definitely has our support. And for Conway to be on his side. she is in a class all her own she’s the best and great leader. If only we had them both we are needing people of their character and their beliefs, we are blest to be able to vote for such a person as Sodrel. Vote for this awesome man. Let’s do it right.

Marilyn K.

Go Mike! Thank you for your service and dedication.

Mike R., Salem


Mickie C.

You have our support

Mark S.

Glad to see you back Mike…

Mike P.

Keep up the good work!

Margaret E.

Great man

Mel F., Jeffersonville

You got my vote sir

Norma M.

Yes Am behind you Mike, God is in Control!

Norma V.

Thank you for your service.🇺🇸

Paul M.

Just 2 things to say. You got my vote and don’t turn into RINO.

Portia H., New Albany

Great to hear, good luck Mike!

Rick R.

Mike’s one of us! Please vote for him on Tuesday, May 3rd in the GOP Primary! Early voting starts next week.

Rinda F.

Go Mike Sodrel. 🇺🇸

Roger B.

We have talked before Mike. Go get it.

Robert D., Georgetown

You’ve got my vote!

Ron J.

I love it that Mike is back

Ralph B.

Mike Sodrel about time you came back! I wish you would run for governor

Robert L.

Good luck. You’ve my vote

Randy B.

Mike, I stand with you!!!

Steve W.

I’m with you Mike. Message me at your convenience so I can find ways to help you…again.

Sharon J.

You got my vote Mike

Sherry M.

Thank you Mike!!! I was wondering when someone would step up ! You are a good man!!

Sandra B.

God guide you🙏🔥

Sue W.

Mike is from one of the finest families I’ve ever known, in fact, I grew up next door to him. Hi Mike, glad to see you back and I’m pulling for you to represent us once again in Congress. You have my vote.

Teddie C.

Good luck!

Tony J.

Good guy vote for him

Virginia M.

You have our vote. My co-workers & I have ridden your bus a few times when we worked at the bank and we traveled to Indy for meetings. One time we were invited to tour your business and your wife fixed lunch for all of us. Great memories!

Mark C.

Mike is a fighter; he will get my vote. I’m really tired of do-nothing Republicans. If we don’t really fight the far left, we WILL lose our country and our freedoms. I mean it.

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